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A Dual Energy & Climate Efficient Solution


Ultra-Efficient burning without compromising health and the Environment !!!


In most developing countries we learned that free-of-charge distributed stoves were not being used in households. Some of the reasons being that the stoves had user`s limitations and that user´s visible problem was not only smoke or fuel flexibility. 

GCT-Cookstove is an innovation to take care of  interconnected problems of kitchen energy, water management, agricultural soil inputs, and waste management. We believe that by providing a solution that targets more than one problem especially to low-income earners, we help them to save time and money, contribute to more than 10 SDGs and can effectively impact people of all income segments  globally through benefits and carbon emission reduction.  

The use of 1 GCT stove  by each household reduces up to 3Tons of Carbon Emissions per year in developing countries, avoiding up to 90% of indoor smoke  containing CO, CO2, and eye irritating  particulate materials  especially PM2.5 .

This  improves upon user`s health socially  and air quality environmentally. 


The fuel used can be a number of different types of biomass but the outcome and it's benefits is the same. The picture below describes the outputs from the cookstove and how it can be used.


inDirect positive

Direct positive

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